Solutions 21 was founded in 1994 by John W. “Buddy” Hobart as a sales-training organization.

In the decades since then, Solutions 21 has evolved to provide businesses with programs that focus on people and strategic development, and is a pioneer in helping businesses attract and retain Millennial workers and manage inter-generational challenges.

Solutions 21 works with a diverse base of local, national, and international clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and has locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Kansas; and Phoenix, Arizona.

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Building better bosses II

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One of the most important core principles of Solutions 21 is Building Better Bosses. In today’s workforce, the word “boss” is an unmentionable, and at times provocative, noun. It continues…


John W. 'Buddy' Hobart

Founder & President

Rob O'Donnell

Managing Director, Consulting Services

Tyler Palko

Director of Leadership Development

Clients have included: