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We are experts in developing leaders to adapt to new markets and lead multi-generational workforces. We educate and coach teams to communicate, motivate, and operate on a much higher and more sophisticated level. With our unique and sustained approach, we are able to help organizations, specifically their individuals, to focus on their natural strengths, adapt their behavior to bring out the strengths of others, and together realize their full potential.

Strategic Planning
A strategic plan shouldn’t be a document that lives in a binder on a shelf that is revisited every few years. We believe a strategic plan is the embodiment of the mission, vision, and values of a company that requires focus and follow-through. For this reason, we walk side-by-side with organizations to help them put their ideals into action. With our unique and sustained approach, we help extract what is at the core of an organization and partner with you to create, plan and implement action. No longer just words that live on your wall, your strategic plan developed with Solutions 21 will become the guiding force you intended it to be.

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The Total Solution™

Solutions 21’s programs are not one-off seminars or tick-the-box requirements. One size rarely fits all, which is why we’ve used The Total Solution with clients for more than two decades and on five continents. It is critical to understand you and your business in-depth, have the ability to analyze what we’ve learned, implement our solutions, and reinforce the changes through constant effort.

Phase 1

Due Diligence

We start by building trust and credibility with your team by taking the time to learn about your organization and its priorities.

Phase 2


We evaluate the assumptions, opportunities, and challenges previously uncovered to develop strategic and tactical implementation plans in line with your organization’s needs.

Phase 3


Implementation is different for every client. Strategies and tactics that address key business issues can be executed solely by you or in tandem with our consultants.

Phase 4


We continue to support your success with tailored follow-up strategies. You determine the level of our post-implementation involvement. It can range from occasional consulting to customized leadership development strategies.

Our Areas of Expertise:

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Leadership Development

We leverage data-backed training programs and coaching to condition your leaders to prepare for tomorrow.
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Strategic Planning

Action without a plan is directionless. Our strategic planning process ensures your organization can succeed even amid economic, political, and social challenges.
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Organizational Enablement

There is no silver bullet to solve every organizational challenge, but our bench of experienced leaders has navigated ambiguity in environments reserved for only the most elite performers.

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Solution 21’s Flagship Program: Next Leader Now

Our Next Leader Now program allows us to work with organizations to build the next generation of your elite leadership team. We offer a customizable, research-based approach that ensures your rising leaders are capable of guiding transformational change while navigating the forever-evolving landscape of your field.

This program incorporates the latest research in leadership, business, and social sciences. It also covers a variety of topics that are essential to leadership development. That includes the following: behavior styles, understanding human behavior, emotional intelligence, leadership and management models, productive conflict, decision-making models, generational leadership challenges, strategic planning, and leadership branding.

We’ve designed this program to be flexible, allowing us to meet individual employees where they’re at and provide the support they need. Whether you choose to conduct this training in person or virtually, it will be effective for everyone on the team.

Build Your Leaders. Build Your Legacy. Start Here.

Solutions 21’s leadership team ranges from successful business leaders and entrepreneurs to military veterans and professional athletes – individuals who have successfully navigated ambiguity in environments reserved for only the most elite performers.

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Our Research

Our team of leadership experts have started and grown companies, suffered entrepreneurial failures, and built the credibility and experience to make your organization more successful in tangible ways.

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Our Books

Buddy Hobart is the founder and president of Solutions 21. He is a consultant, entrepreneur, author, speaker, radio host, and internationally recognized pioneer in leadership in a multi-generational workforce. Read about his work here:

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Our Blog

Knowledge and insights from the desk of our leadership team to yours. Check out our latest in leadership, retention, talent acquisition, succession planning, employee engagement, and everything in between.

Build Your Leaders. Build Your Legacy. Start Here.

Our team has decades of experience, research, and data to back up our methods: We’ve led teams, started and grown companies, suffered entrepreneurial failures, and built the credibility and experience to make your organization more successful in tangible ways.