Leadership drives organizations toward success. How you identify, hire, and invest in the development of your leaders has a direct correlation to the success of your business.

The effects of the Great Resignation have resulted in talent shortages for businesses. These shortages and current economic conditions make it extremely difficult to identify and hire talented leaders to lead teams and create success. When a company initially attracts the interest of someone who could fill an essential need for the organization, the opening moves are critical in sustaining that interest, as competing businesses are working to secure those skills and potential for their own organizations.

Consider every exchange with a potential hire to be a no-fail mission. Every email, phone call, and in-person conversation should be deliberately designed to make a positive impression on a possible future teammate.

What Are You Hiring For? Skill Fit or Culture Fit?

Consider the balance between hiring for specific skills vs. hiring for fit within your organization’s culture. If someone has the skills necessary to accomplish their tasks but does not fit into your organization’s culture, they could likely not see themselves as a long-term part of the team. Conversely, if someone fits nicely into an organization’s culture, they could be more inclined to master the skills necessary to be successful because they want to stay on the team. How can you reinforce culture fit into your hiring process?

Leadership Experience vs. Leadership Potential

How are you evaluating leadership experience vs. leadership potential? If you identify someone as an experienced leader, consider trying to understand why they left their last organization. What expectations or needs did their previous employer not meet? Are they interviewing with your company for the next higher-level position, or did they feel a lack of investment and value at their last organization? How can you build a career path for your leaders to ensure they feel a sense of belonging and know the company is investing in them for their (and the organization’s) future success?

Leaders will not reach their full potential if their development is limited only to the technical aspects of their job. Developing the leadership skills and abilities of your people is crucial for them to reach their full potential as leaders. Mentorship and coaching are necessary to identify blind spots and uncover those negative tendencies that impact our performance. If you hire the right people (culture fit and skill fit) and then invest in their leadership development, you will cultivate and unleash your greatest resource: your people.