Clarksville, Tennessee — Local leadership development firm Solutions 21 is excited to announce its 150th birthday present for Clarksville’s historic purple house. Now home to Solutions 21’s Nashville office, the colorful Lurton-Conroy House is nestled in Clarksville’s Madison Street Historic District and has been a landmark in the community since the late 1800s.

Just in time for the house’s 150th Thanksgiving celebration, Solutions 21 will gift the house with a fresh coat of paint. The company purchased the home in 2017 after it underwent an interior restoration. 

“It’s important to reinvest in our community,” Solutions 21 Vice President of Consulting Services Rob Salome said. “We already appreciate and value the history of downtown Clarksville, but we also understand that growth takes effort, and we look forward to being a part of helping communities flourish as Clarksville continues to grow.”

In addition to housing the father of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Horace H. Lurton after the Civil War, the house was the childhood home of late Tennessee Governor Austin Peay’s wife, Sally Hurst.

As for its color, Solutions 21 promises the iconic purple isn’t going anywhere. “The purple house has become an icon in downtown Clarksville,” Salome said. “People know it as the purple house. Changing its color would take its character away.”

Salome added that he has a personal reason to keep the house purple: “My family and I were stationed in Fort Campbell in 2005, and my daughters remember it as Barney’s house.”

His children aren’t the only ones enamored with Solutions 21’s office building.

“We’ve had multiple kids tell their parents that they want to come see the purple house because it looks like a castle or a fairy tale house,” Salome explained. “It’s not uncommon for us to break up our workday to give someone a tour.”

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