We Shape Strategies.

Action without a plan is directionless.
Our strategic planning process grows
organizations even amid economic challenges.

Strategic Planning that Gets Results

Solutions 21 partners with executive teams to strengthen strategic planning efforts designed to evaluate a client’s products, resources, organizational structures, delivery methods, and processes.

We apply the discipline of appreciative inquiry in our programs. The appreciative inquiry process is fundamentally an exploration into organizational strengths and successes, with the goal of collecting data that will be utilized during the creation of a strategic plan, a training class, or a management initiative. Unlike a traditional self-assessment process, which focuses on weaknesses and challenges, appreciative inquiry identifies constructive organizational attributes and builds capacity around a positive vision of the future.

Following the philosophy of appreciative inquiry, Solutions 21 consultants can facilitate small group discussions, large group activities, online surveys, or personal interviews to foster idea generation, build a culture of inclusion, and establish buy-in for new organizational initiatives.

Each strategic planning client with whom Solutions 21 worked during the most recent recession increased both revenue and headcount in that time. One client was able to grow from a $15 million business to a $750 million company.

Our process delivers results. This is how.

Our process includes:

  • Information-gathering about your organization through assessments, interviews, and small group discussions
  • Review of previous strategic plans
  • Development of mission and vision statements and strategic goals
  • Development of metrics and performance assessments to measure success

Our deliverables include:

  • Small group discussions with select employees to identify opportunities and challenges
  • DiSC profiles to improve communication
  • Retreat facilitation
  • Detailed timelines with sponsors who are responsible for achieving key initiatives
  • Communication strategies to share the new mission, vision, and plan with the entire organization
  • Review of staffing requirements to implement the new strategic plan