We Prepare People.

Nothing can be built without tools.
We equip your entire team to ensure your
organization gets things done.

Get It Done

Leadership and strategy can only go so far if the team is not ready to execute. Solutions 21 works with all levels of leadership to develop the processes and procedures needed to maximize talent attraction, retention, and motivation.


We help organizations recognize the right people for the right role at the right time by improving interviewing skills, designing a hiring process, and ensuring new hires are competent and a good cultural fit.


We make sure your leaders know how to gather and align resources, measure success, and push employees to the finish line.


You cannot motivate other people — the best you can do is provide and create an environment in which people choose to be motivated. We build leaders that take responsibility for the motivation of others and concentrate on outcomes.


It’s not about how smart leaders are, it’s about how they’re smart. We identify skill sets and competencies that allow leaders to master their strengths and continue to become better throughout their career.

Our Services Include:

Skills Development

  • Understanding your management style
  • Management skills
  • Legal and ethical aspects of supervision
  • Talent recruitment and acquisition
  • Addressing employee development
  • Conflict management
  • Managing through change

Employee Lifecycle

  • Company culture and reputation
  • Selecting and hiring the right people
  • Starting employees off right
  • Managing and rewarding performance
  • Assessing quality of managers and supervisors
  • Work environment