Jamie Peer

Leadership Consultant

Jamie Peer

About Jamie

Jamie Peer served as a successful Active Duty Army Leader for over 23 years. During this time, she had a front-row seat to the power of human potential, where nothing short of mission success was an acceptable outcome. Because of this experience, she has an unshakeable faith in what people can achieve when they do not give up!

Jamie has served in command and primary director positions in military units ranging from 25 personnel to 10,000 personnel. She understands the power of influence and leading up, as well as the importance of clear communication, transparency, intentionality, time management, and commitment to quality in order to affect the best possible outcomes. 

She is also a successful entrepreneur in her own right, having launched four successful LLCs by herself and with partners, including a nature retreat center on her home property and a life and executive coaching company.

Since retiring in 2019, Jamie has served as a life and executive coach for over 200 people, including business and service professionals and high-ranking military leaders. Jamie helps individuals obtain greater clarity on personal and professional objectives and enthusiastically supports them as they change their health, career, relationships, and financial future!

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