Organizational Enablement & Custom Problem Solving Consulting

Action without a plan is directionless

Organizational Enablement and Custom Problem Solving Consulting

Action without a plan is directionless. Whether you are entering into a new phase of your business or looking to reconcile existing organizational challenges, we can provide the roadmap to long-term success.

What Does Custom Problem Solving Consulting Look Like?

Problem solving should be simple, but when an entire team is involved, that isn’t always the case. That’s because when a problem impacts an entire organization, there will always be numerous views of the problem, as well as many potential solutions. When this happens, it becomes challenging for an organization to address problems in an effective way in which there’s a positive and productive outcome for all involved.

Because companies are often too close to the problem at hand, many factors can cloud their judgment and make it difficult to come up with an unbiased solution. It often helps to have a third-party come in to assess the situation and provide a fresh perspective that won’t allow emotions to get in the way and won’t be swayed by office politics.

Now, you may be wondering when a company is likely to need the help of a problem solving consultant.

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Here are just a few examples of times they’re unable to solve their own challenges:

  • A second generation owner is about to take the reins at a family-owned company in which the first generation is still heavily involved.
  • Moving on from inefficient or outdated technology and getting all team members on board for these updates, while also completing training to use these tools.
  • Concerns over employee retention to ensure there are loyal team members who are committed to the long-term success of the company.

Organizational Enablement as the Key to Success

Once you have identified challenges within your organization and worked with a consultant to develop a custom solution, the next step is to get key stakeholders involved. It’s the role of the leader to guide a team through organizational challenges, but it is also the responsibility of employees and key stakeholders to implement new processes and procedures to realize effective change. With the help of organizational enablement, leaders will be prepared and capable to implement and measure the success of new processes with confidence.

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Solutions 21’s Problem Solving and Organizational Enablement Process

One size rarely fits all, which is why we’ve used our four-phased approach with clients for more than two decades and on five continents. It is critical to understand you and your business in-depth, have the ability to analyze what we’ve learned, implement our solutions, and reinforce the changes through constant effort. While we have a defined problem solving technique and process, what we really offer our clients is a data-driven approach to fit their unique needs. We understand the strategy and actions that need to be taken to lock in the long-term success of your organization.

Step 1: Assessment & Due Diligence  
We start by learning your organization and its priorities. As we observe your business and conduct interviews, surveys, and market research, we get a sense of both the top-down vision of upper management and the bottom-up perspective of your workforce. This step establishes the relationship, builds trust and credibility with your people, and accelerates buy-in and ownership in developing and deploying new ideas.

Step 2: Analysis & Planning
We evaluate the assumptions, opportunities, and challenges uncovered in the first phase. We gather evidentiary proof through methods that include third-party research, behavior profiles, surveys, and our own proprietary tools. Summarized findings are documented and compared to your organization’s direction and objectives. We use the analysis to develop strategic and tactical implementation plans in line with your organization’s needs.

Step 3: Implementation
Implementation is different for every client. We use our learning from the first two phases to implement strategies and tactics that address key business issues. From providing leadership frameworks to implementing hiring programs to guiding strategic planning and executive alignment efforts, we use our research-backed tools, methodologies, and experienced leadership practitioners to achieve the results crucial to your business’s success.

Step 4: Reinforcement
We continue to support your success with tailored follow-up strategies. You determine the level of our post-implementation involvement, ranging from occasional consulting to customized leadership development strategies. Ultimately, we aim to maximize your investment by facilitating a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to be.

Solutions 21 is Your Partner in Preparing for Tomorrow

Our team has decades of experience as leadership development and strategic consultants and we’re ready to help your organization solve complex problems with the help of our custom four-phase process. Our research-backed approach will help create leaders at every level of your organization. Want to talk strategy? Get in touch with one of our consultants to learn more.