Albert is the most recent addition to the Solutions 21 team and he’s a genius. I’m impressed by the way he can nimbly surf the virtual universe for the right combination of productivity tools that simplify work life and keep everyone rowing together. It’s great to have him on our side until, of course, he turned his sizable intellect toward MY work habits.

Here’s the rub: I’m closer to 60 than he is to 40. We are a classic Boomer-Millennial pairing in the throws of succession and “knowledge transfer” — the stuff we work through with clients everyday. But when Albert changed my communication platform, things didn’t look or act the same. Without warning, Albert had destroyed my working paradigm, causing me to put in time I didn’t have trying to get my hands around his way of doing business. The nerve of that upstart!

A little history: I fancy myself a tech-savvy Boomer. I have an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook that all talk to each other and seem to get along. I even have a Twitter account! So, I chaffed at the notion that somehow I was a stumbling block! Albert never said that (he’s a gifted diplomat). I, however, drew that conclusion from the lost weekend I spent trying to find important emails and getting my calendar to sync.

So, like every good Boomer, I demanded a sit-down with this perpetrator to either go back to what I had or have him walk me through this new setup step-by-step. Choke-holds and crowbars were discussed until it finally dawned on me that I was indeed the knucklehead in this equation.

Albert’s patience and grace were on display as he calmly pointed out the string of communications preparing everyone for the transition, the “how-to” guides he crafted, and his multiple offers of assistance. All of which I ignored. I was too important to spend my precious time on such mundane affairs. Besides, I’m tech savvy, right? Lesson learned.

I’m fairly certain I was the catalyst behind Albert’s recent “Tech Savvy” blog post (yeah, I was that guy). Here’s the epilogue, Albert was right. Internal communication has never been better; collaboration is easy and, dare I say, fun, there is a renewed sense of camaraderie, and we’ve cut operating costs while we’re growing!

I feel somewhat compelled to expose my perception gaffe as a warning to those in my generation still holding fast to derogatory myths surrounding the unstoppable wave of capable Millennials. I’m also compelled to formally apologize to Albert for any snarkiness or condescension. Sorry, Albert!

New tech brought on by shifting demographics leave us Boomers with three options:

  1. We can keep the status quo, continuing to believe headline-grabbing Millennial garbage and fight the inevitable (stressful)
  2. We can pull the workforce ‘eject’ handle and be done with it (not so stressful)
  3. We can embrace it, blending our experience with energetic Millennial ideas to disrupt the way work gets done (the ‘Legacy-maker’)

This old dog is working to make option three a reality (and it ain’t easy!). The important thing is to MAKE a decision before one is made for us! Let’s not become the Luddites of our time.