Next Leader Now

A research-backed program designed to build better leadership across organizations

Next Leader Now: Our Flagship Leadership Development Program that Actually Works

Next Leader Now is a research-backed leadership training program designed to build better leadership qualities in program participants. An alternative approach to the check-off-the-box requirements and one-size-fits-all seminars, Next Leader Now is tailored to your organization and leaders in training. We take talent that has already demonstrated a high level of potential and build the muscle memory it takes to become an effective leader able to make executive-level decisions, boost team performance, and cultivate a strong legacy for your business.

leadership development program

The most dangerous phrase in the English language is ‘We’ve always done it that way.’

 – Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

The answer “we’ve always done it that way” isn’t good enough anymore. The market and our society continue to change, fast, and we must adapt alongside it. That is why partnering with Solutions 21 to develop your leaders and curate your organization’s culture is more important than it has ever been.

Next Leader Now is our patented and proven leadership development program that will help your teams take their daily performance to the next level.

We believe that information and education are only as strong as the focus and reinforcement they receive. For this reason, we have created a multi-faceted approach to help organizations affect positive change across their entire organization starting at the individual level. As people learn and develop in their own and different ways we believe it is imperative for a leadership development program to meet that need, and provide various ways to engage and then reinforce learned and new skill sets over a period of time. Our unique and sustained approach allows individuals and organizations to put theory and content into action by providing you and your team with the tools and ongoing guidance and support to ensure implementation.

Most organizations wouldn’t put a person into a role operating a piece of equipment, a software program, or coordinating a complex project without some kind of focused, technical training first. So why do we place people in critical decision-making roles overseeing large groups of individuals without focused training on how to effectively communicate with and motivate our most precious resource, our teams?

leadership development program

The Skills You’ll Learn in a Next Leader Now Program

Every professional faces a moment where preparation and practice must become performance. You will make crucial decisions quickly using limited and ever-changing information in a market of competitors looking to exploit missteps. Our decades of experience developing future leaders have uncovered the four areas of focus that are essential to succeeding despite what happens next:

Build Muscle Memory Habits of a Leader:

When faced with crucial choices, deciders often fall back on tendencies that can work against their ultimate goals. Next Leader Now enables you to: identify your decision-making tendencies, determine the usefulness of those tendencies, and build new muscle-memory habits that support your updated goals and objectives.

Fast Track Wisdom:

The whole team should feel passionate about the organization’s long-term success, otherwise there will be little drive as they’re working on day-to-day tasks and larger projects.

Make Executive Level Decisions:

Involving multiple priorities, limited information, and an understanding of people, strategic direction, and organizational objectives, executive- level decisions are rarely based purely on data. Your Next Leader Now experience will allow you to develop new, more expansive decision models while recognizing pitfalls, patterns, and biases that often hinder others’ ability to achieve success.

Guide Team Performance:

Achievement in a leadership context is no longer about your success alone, but rather the performance of the entire team. Next Leader Now will put you in a position to develop the leadership, management, and supervisory skills that enable you to get the results you need through the efforts of others that ultimately support the goals of your organization.

Team members that have mastered these skills are truly worth the financial investment of participating in any of the Next Leader Now programs. With a competent, capable team by your side, achieving company-wide goals will be more effortless than ever.

How the Next Leader Now Programs Work

Next Leader Now is unlike any other available professional development opportunity, providing a learning framework that builds on itself and is consistently reinforced using tools derived from the latest in research. Known as the Applied Ideas Framework, we combine this research with our decades of experience to give you a holistic development platform on which you define your leadership style and path for growth.

We adapt our tools to personalize the experience each of our candidates receives with the intention of providing the best results to impact your organization and the rest of its team members. We focus on six key elements to ensure every participant will walk away having experienced tremendous growth both personally and professionally.

These six elements include:

Performance Feedback:
We will conduct assessments of each candidate’s personality style, conflict approach, emotional intelligence, and leadership competencies. This will allow us to see where they’re currently at in relation to where they should be to step into leadership roles. It’s helpful in identifying areas for growth so we can encourage improvements every step of the way.
One-on-One Coaching:
Candidates will have a Solutions 21 certified coach working with them throughout the entirety of the program. This coach holds candidates accountable, ensuring they’re attending sessions and making the desired progress.
Continuous Engagement:
To hold candidates accountable, we offer continuous reinforcement for further communication and learning even after the program has ended.
Quarterly Workshops:
Since we’re passionate about cultivating an interactive group learning environment, we host quarterly workshops that allow candidates to engage with other high-potential, aspiring leaders so they can learn from one another. From there, they can take the knowledge and skills they’ve learned and implement them on the job.
Peer Engagement:
With our cohorts, candidates are able to come together and connect with others who are on the same journey as they are. They can work alongside one another to expand their networks, while also identifying professional challenges and strategizing ways to make changes.
Personal Strategic Plan:
Candidates will leverage business tools to assist in researching and analyzing both personal and professional opportunities. From there, they can implement an action plan that has been laid out for them and ultimately reinforce their success over time.

Having run our Next Leader Now programs for many years, we have seen just how effective this strategy has been with our previous candidates. And it can create the same results for you and your team. Everything has been carefully planned out to create true leaders that will stand the test of time.

Case Study with the Henderson Brothers: Strengthening Culture in the Worst of Times

How to Determine Which Next Leader Now Program is Right for You

In person or remotely, we offer three different Next Leader Now programs, which are customized to your unique needs.

Next Leader Now

Our flagship program, Next Leader Now, is hosted by way of cohort classes that start at various times throughout the year. This provides plenty of opportunities to get a selection of candidates from your organization signed up to participate. You can submit just one person or dozens of candidates depending on how many people you feel are right to join. Once they’ve joined, our technical Savvy team will handle the rest.

What’s so powerful about this particular program is that it brings together people from multiple organizations and across all sorts of industries. With these cohorts being comprised of high-potential peers, they’re able to learn from one another and gain a fresh perspective on business, increase leadership competency, and more. Besides being a great learning opportunity, it’s also a way for cohort members to forge new connections that could last a lifetime.

Next Leader Now for Sales

Finally, we also offer Next Leader Now for Sales, which is great for organizations looking to scale their business and increase profitability. Thanks to the decades of sales training experience our team members have, we are able to help you develop high-performing sales talent that will confidently generate more clients and customers for your company.

If you’d like to overhaul your sales department and give your team the strategies and capability needed to bring in more revenue, Next Leader Now for Sales is worth considering. It will be helpful in developing a team of leaders who aren’t afraid to ask for sales and are able to reach your company goals.

All three of these Next Leader Now programs offer great benefits for those interested in leadership development. No matter which one you feel is best for your organization and its team, you are sure to see tremendous growth, personally and professionally, within everyone who participates.

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Why These Programs Are Important for Those Interested in Leadership Development

Did you know that 93% of companies don’t have strong Millennial programs in place to build leaders within their workforce? And with so many Baby Boomers retiring, it’s the Millennial generation that’s poised to take over, meaning they need to be prepared. That’s why leadership development programs like Next Leader Now are so crucial in this day and age, as we’re at a critical turning point in society. Programs like these boost employee morale and engagement. Those who are confident in their skills and knowledge are likely going to be happier in their jobs, encouraging them to immerse themselves in company culture. And when employees are happier, efficiency is sure to increase as a result.

Employees who love their jobs and see a future for themselves within an organization are more likely to stick around long-term, ultimately reducing employee turnover rates. This reduces headaches and costs for your organization, as you won’t always be seeking new team members for replacements. With a leadership development program in place, employees will see a clear path for them to grow within your organization by creating a promising future for themselves. And of course, Next Leader Now is going to minimize those gaps in your organization’s talent pipeline. As older team members retire, younger generations will be better prepared to step into those roles without doubting themselves or questioning their abilities. It’ll create a much smoother takeover as older talent transitions out of their roles.

leadership development program
leadership development program

What got you here, won’t get you there.

 – Marshall Goldsmith

The challenges presented by “the war for talent” and leading millennials and the next generations joining the workplace will continue to compound. The organizations that will thrive and grow because of these challenges will be the ones that adapt quickly to create and elevate their own talent strategy to meet the rapidly changing marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Should a Leadership Development Program Include?

A: Combined with research and decades of experience, a professional development program should define your path for growth that includes performance feedback, quarterly workshops, coaching, peer engagement, accountability, and a personal strategic plan.

Q: What is the Purpose of a Leadership Development Program?

A: The purpose of a research-backed, leadership development program is to build better leadership across your organization. Participants in the program will learn to build their decision-making skills, fast-track wisdom, make executive-level decisions, and guide team performance.

Q: Who Should Participate in a Leadership Development Program?

A: Talent that has already demonstrated a high level of potential should participate in a leadership development program. It will build the muscle memory it takes to become an effective leader able to make executive-level decisions, boost team performance, and cultivate a strong legacy for your business.

Q: Why are Leadership Development Programs Important?

A: A leadership development program has many benefits including encouraging employees to take ownership of their jobs; improves productivity rates across the organization; attracts new talent because you are investing in their long-term growth; and reduces employee turnover rate. 

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