At 27-years-old, Miles Jaben is the Head of the Maintenance Division for Seal-O-Matic Paving Company, a family-owned and operated business. Since 1974, Seal-O-Matic has paved the way on public and private projects, including roadway and parking lot construction, pavement repairs and resurfacing, and seal coating and crack filling in greater Kansas City and surrounding areas. 

Five Questions with Miles Jaben

Title aside, what would you say it is that you do in your current position?

Because we are a family-owned business, I have a plethora of roles in our company. My primary focus, however, is the maintenance division. As the leader of this division, I oversee all of the field and office operations and manage all of the projects that transpire in the maintenance division.

How do you see your experience in Next Leader Now making you a better boss going forward?

The Next Leader Now program has helped me to be more cognizant of how I communicate. In my line of work, I interact with various types of temperaments on a daily basis. Through this program, I have learned that I can’t communicate with everyone the same way. Also, through personal analysis, I have had the opportunity to see myself from outside eyes and am now much more aware of my communication style and how to effectively communicate with my employees.

One of the early exercises in the program is developing a personal vision that guides your overall personal strategic plan. What impact do you think Next Leader Now has had and will have on your ability to achieve that vision?

The Next Leader Now program has had a significant impact on my ability to determine and develop my personal vision. Before I began this program, I didn’t really know what to expect. This program has helped me establish measureable goals and visions for myself personally and for our company. Putting things like this down on paper was something new for our company. Once my personal vision was articulated, it really helped form a vision for the entire company.

What would you say is the secret sauce of Next Leader Now and why?

I would say the secret sauce of the Next Leader Now program is the individualized attention and personalization of the program. It is tailored and committed to helping me achieve my personal and professional goals. My coaches genuinely want me to succeed within the stepping-stones of the program.

If you could bust one myth about Millennials (born 1980-2000), what would it be?

That our generation is not a motivated generation. That we are not motivated to succeed. We don’t expect success to be handed to us. We strive for success in a way that’s no different from those that came before us. We have the same goals. We are just taking a different route. There seems to be some disconnect in this idea. We want to succeed. We just may have a different way of getting there.