Adam Petrick is a 31-year-old sales manager for ComDoc, a Xerox-owned company with nearly 700 employees that offers complete document management to more than 20,000 customers in a wide array of markets. Of its 17 regional locations, Adam is based out of Pittsburgh.

Five Questions with Adam Petrick

Title aside, what would you say it is that you do in your current position?

I lead a team of five sales professionals who specialize in leveraging technology and relationships to create and maintain a business-to-business partnership.

How do you see your experience in Next Leader Now making you a better boss going forward?

As a sales organization, being able to understand the DiSC profile is a huge benefit to my position. I use it daily to help with customer appointments as well as internally with my team. The NLN program has given me legitimate tools to use in regards to motivation and organization. I enjoy the time spent with my group and the open platform allows me to learn from my coach as well as my peers.

Given that your organization is making this investment in you, would you say that you’re more likely to pursue career growth within the organization rather than looking elsewhere?

ComDoc believes in its people and I want to continue to grow in my role and seek future opportunities within this company.

What would you say is the secret sauce of Next Leader Now and why?

As someone that was put into a role quickly – one that has been extremely fast-paced – I struggle to stay organized and continue my self-development. The NLN program has given me the opportunity to put my career on pause for eight hours or so per month and continue to expand my mind to make myself a better business professional. I get excited before my next group session, wondering what my takeaways will be and have never been let down.

Also, to be able to discuss my struggles and successes of my new role with my coach during our one-on-one sessions has allowed me to reflect and listen to feedback. This has shown to be a great benefit. It helps me examine myself and uncover areas of opportunity and best practices.

If you could bust one myth about Millennials (born 1980-2000), what would it be?

Being raised in the world of information and technology, we have to seek self-development. We are quick to think we “know it all,” but we do spend a lot of time observing our predecessors and still actively learn from the “old way.”