Laurie Bowers, Director of Business Management and Senior Leadership Consultant, is an integral part of the Solutions 21 team. She develops and implements progressive talent management systems, including Coop/Intern programs, Manager-Leader, and Leadership Enhancement programs. Laurie is a PXT Select TM Certified Professional with the capabilities to implement a People Strategy to engage the workforce and create the right teams with the right people. To connect with Laurie, please visit her profile on the Our Team page:

Describe your first coach when you were a kid. What lessons did you learn that you still carry with you today?
“I really enjoyed playing sports as a child.  I was little and not the greatest athlete, but I could hold my own but rarely got to play.  The “coach” I had was the life coach that drove me not to quit and keep going.  It is much like what we share as a world class performer behavior.  Look at game film get better and try again.”

Who was your all-time favorite teacher? Why? What made that person special to you?
“I had great teachers and bad teachers, I never got close to a specific teacher.  I respected many teachers I had because they helped me understand my gaps and helped me overcome the things that were holding me back.  I then had to make the decision about how I use that information.  It made me self-reflective and determined to get better and understand that others perceive me differently than I perceive myself.”

Write a sentence to your 22-year-old self about what he or she should know, based on what you’ve learned in your life so far.
“I would tell myself that you always have options, especially if you drive hard, continue learning and have a plan to go somewhere.  Growing up my family’s mentality was that getting a job with mobility was important and good enough.  I limited myself with that thinking.   Everyone has options and every decision has a consequence.  Negotiation is key to opening opportunities and if you don’t ask you won’t control your own outcomes.”

Describe what it feels like for you the moment that a client “gets it” as part of your coaching or instruction.
“I am passionate about the work that I do.  As I work with clients and especially clients that are working to move into higher levels of the organization as a leader not just a manager, I like to see them understand themselves enough navigate opportunities in a new way.  Many of our clients are getting promoted and they see the value in using tools, their knowledge and wisdom. I am proud of them, and my hope is that my time with them helped them in some way achieve their dreams.”