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Solution 21’s Flagship Program, Next Leader Now

Our Next Leader Now program allows us to work with organizations (either in-person or remotely) to build the next generation of your elite leadership team. We offer a customizable, research-based approach that ensures your rising leaders are capable of guiding transformational change while navigating the forever-evolving landscape of your field.

This program incorporates the latest research in leadership, business, and social sciences. It also covers a variety of topics that are essential to leadership development. That includes the following: behavior styles, understanding human behavior, emotional intelligence, leadership and management models, productive conflict, decision-making models, generational leadership challenges, strategic planning, and leadership branding.

We’ve designed this program to be flexible, allowing us to meet individual employees where they’re at and provide the support they need. Whether you choose to conduct this training in person or virtually, it will be effective for everyone on the team.

Leadership Development Services

With the average age of leaders dropping every year, many organizations are being forced to rethink leadership strategy entirely. More Millennials are entering leadership positions as senior leaders retire and as a result, we are seeing a major shift in the workforce. In fact, Millennials will make up over 75% of the workforce and leadership roles by 2025. These younger generations prioritize efficiency and quick decision making, as well as building strong interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, which has been sparking organizational change.

But not all change is bad, so long as we are prepared for it.

With this change, an entirely new set of skills is expected of those entering the workforce. And for presidents and CEOs, it’s important that they’re cultivating this skill set so future leaders in their organization are capable of managing a team. Solutions 21 offers individual, team, and organization-wide leadership solutions — programs, training, coaching, and services to strengthen your culture, giving your company the competitive advantage to withstand an ever-changing environment.

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What is Leadership Development?

Leadership is one’s ability to influence others, but it goes well beyond influence. It is a leader’s role to build, shape, and guide an organization through change to achieve organizational outcomes through relentless, emotionally intelligent execution.

Leaders are essential for any organization because you need those take-charge people who aren’t afraid to step up and guide others. But since not everyone naturally has what it takes to be a leader and step into a management role, there are programs that are designed to help enhance their skills and build muscle memory so they can have a true impact on their team and organization as a whole.

Programs like ours help individuals grow into the business leaders of tomorrow, ultimately building a stronger workforce over time. And when employees know there are opportunities for them to move up the ladder to higher positions, they’ll be more inclined to stick around.

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Why Leadership Development is Critical to the Success of Your Business

With the help of a leadership development program, employees are encouraged to take ownership of their jobs, making them more efficient workers on an everyday basis. They’ll also be empowered to tackle rapid changes within the workforce, whether it’s due to new technology or other shifts in the industry. This isn’t going to just create shifts within employees themselves, but will also create a ripple effect throughout the entire organization and the way it functions.

Why Leadership Development:
Improves Organizational Performance:
A stronger leadership team results in a stronger organization overall, both from a financial perspective and a cultural, team perspective. When your team thrives, your business can do the same in all areas, which is why it’s important to invest in their success. For individual employees, a higher productivity rate may be noticed afterward.
Attracts New Talent:
The market will always be competitive when looking to fill leadership roles, so it’s smart for potential job candidates to find ways to stand out. Having an established leadership development program will attract high-performing employees who are interested in working for an organization that invests in their long-term growth.
Reduces Employee Turnover Rate:
Employees want to know that they’re appreciated for the work they do and they also want to see opportunities for growth with their current employer. When you invest in their growth and success, they’ll be more inclined to stick around long-term, reducing your employee turnover rate. Valued employees also love the work they do and perform better.
By defining a leadership pipeline and establishing a process to develop future leaders, you will put your business in the best position to maximize its value. It will drive organizational efficiencies that will boost productivity and the value of your business. A proactive investment now will lead to increased value down the road, which will contribute to a more comfortable life after you move on from the business.

Invest in Leadership Development Services

We were an essential collaborator with our clients, walking side-by-side with leaders at all levels to help them make the best decisions they could in a rapidly changing environment. Leveraging our extensive experience as practitioners of leadership in some of the most challenging situations imaginable, our clients not only survived their greatest hurdles, but developed proactive approaches that have helped them to continue to thrive in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.

We did this by applying the considerable experience of our team – successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, military veterans, and professional athletes – individuals who have successfully navigated ambiguity in environments reserved for only the most elite performers.

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Ready to Invest in Leadership Development Services?

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