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Our simple process yields extraordinary results

Evolve Your Leadership

We deploy our elite team (in-person or remotely) to build the next generation of your elite leadership team. Our customizable, research-based approach ensures your rising leaders are capable of building on your business legacy. Our proven programs incorporate the latest research in leadership, business, and social sciences.

Secure Your Strategy

Action without a plan is directionless. Our strategic planning process ensures your organization can succeed even amid economic, political, and social challenges. We identify the existing strengths of your organization to build a unique strategy that allows your organization to imagine bigger and better future opportunities. 

“Solutions 21 has worked with us for over two decades. In that time, we have increased our revenue, developed countless people to help with our explosive growth, and set up a board to ensure we continue to deal with the challenges that every business goes through. Without Solutions 21 realistic approach, we could not have achieved the success that we have today.”
— Jeff Wangler President, Aires

Action-Driven Approach

Solutions 21’s programs are not one-off seminars or tick-the-box requirements. They’re effective, and we have decades of experience, research, and data to back up our methods: We’ve led teams, started and grown companies, suffered entrepreneurial failures, and built the credibility and experience to make your organization more successful in tangible ways. We deploy our elite team to develop your next generation of leaders. We ensure the strategy of your executive team is aligned to guarantee cascading leadership at all levels. We understand the strategy and actions that need to be taken to lock in the long-term success of your organization. And we weren’t hindered by crisis. As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the U.S., we swiftly pivoted to all-virtual workshops to ensure clients weren’t left stranded amid one of the greatest business plights in history. We provide the same proven programming in a format that’s universally accessible.

Phase I: Due Diligence

We start by learning your organization and its priorities. As we observe your business and conduct interviews, surveys and market research, we get a sense of both the top-down vision of upper management and the bottom-up perspective of your workforce. This step establishes the relationship, builds trust and credibility with your people, and accelerates buy-in and ownership in the development and deployment of new ideas.

Phase II: Analyze

In this phase, we evaluate the assumptions, opportunities, and challenges uncovered in the first phase. We gather evidentiary proof through methods that include third-party research, behavior profiles, surveys, and our own proprietary tools. Summary findings are documented and compared to your organization’s direction and objectives. We use the analysis to develop strategic and tactical implementation plans in line with your organization’s needs.

Phase III: Implement

Implementation is different for every client. Strategies and tactics that address key business issues can be executed solely by you or in tandem with our consultants. If you find yourself short on resources, we can also deploy interim subject matter experts capable of accomplishing your plan while they grow your talent pool. The goal is to make sure things get done while we help build your bench strength.

Phase IV: Reinforce

We continue to support your success with tailored follow-up strategies. You determine the level of our post-implementation involvement. It can range from occasional consulting to customized leadership development strategies. Ultimately, our aim is to maximize your investment by facilitating a smooth transition from where you are to where you want to be.

Proven results with The Total Solution

One size rarely fits all, which is why we’ve used The Total Solution with clients for more than two decades and on five continents. It is critical to understand you and your business in depth, have the ability to analyze what we’ve learned, implement our solutions, and reinforce the changes through constant effort.

Get Weekly Insights

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Crisis Leadership

Amid the pandemic, a survey of Next Leader Now participants showed our programs fostered resilience. 

Knowledge Transfer and Innovation

Knowledge transfer from one generation to the next is critical for future success. Our programs close competency gaps.

The Silver Tsunami

Demographic change is your greatest business risk. Every retirement strips institutional knowledge. Our programs prep the next generation for success.

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