Recently, I’ve worked with a handful of leaders on developing a vision and goals to accelerate their 2023 performance and productivity. One common challenge almost universally discussed with many of these leaders is how to retain top-tier talent in 2023. In response, many have selected to better engage their teams—intentionally.

Here are three of the goals some of these leaders have selected to retain top-tier talent:

Define and/or (re)sell your brand

Many leaders take for granted their commitment level and fail to intentionally engage their team with a purpose. Employees who understand their organization’s brand, what it stands for, and how they can contribute to achieving brand standards have clarity. With this clarity, team members can use their time and energy to drive production and win – personally and professionally.

Develop and share your personal leadership vision

Leaders who do the soul-searching necessary to identify their purpose and why they are committed to succeeding as organizational leaders are powerful individuals. These leaders possess resiliency, motivation, and focus and can better attract and retain high-potential associates when they share their vision. Sharing your personal vision intentionally engages employees and invites them to understand how they can individually link to the vision and achieve their own goals. Leaders who lead with vision and help others develop a vision can drive individual growth, which, according to Gallup, improves employee engagement and productivity.

Clearly define leadership expectations

This seems like a “given,” but for many of the leaders I am working with, recent high turnover has necessitated reestablishing their leadership norms and expectations to drive employee performance. The youngest generation and your most talented associates are looking for strong leaders who clearly define their expectations. This includes cultural standards such as non-negotiables like respecting others in the workplace, timeliness, and appearance standards. It also includes values that define optimal associate participation and performance. As a leader, your expectations, such as values and workplace culture, are tools to drive the accountability and performance of your team.

It’s never too late to establish a vision and goals for 2023. Consider engaging your team with a few dialogue sessions where you can exchange viewpoints on brand, vision, and leadership expectations. It’s remarkable how much alignment and team motivation you can generate when you intentionally engage with your team. You can establish your bottom line and also understand what your team expects of you!