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Leadership is knowing and doing

For the first time in history, leaders are faced with the challenge of leading four generations of breadwinners. Each generation has a different way of approaching things, and it is a leader’s job to blend these strengths and challenges into a cohesive team. However, the process of leadership has evolved over time, and what worked in 1980 just doesn’t work now — businesses can’t compete in the 21st century using 20th-century tools and processes.

I have had a great experience participating in the Next Leader Now program and would recommend it to any young professional looking to enhance their leadership and communication skills in any business setting. There isn't another program out there that is this committed to my personal and professional development. The financial investment is worth every penny.

Jeff Cloud, Regional Manager, IBT Industrial Solutions

Our Programs

Next Leader Now

Next Leader Now is designed for small to mid-size companies and delivers individual results based on your desired leadership competencies in a group setting. Solutions 21 creates peer leadership groups, provides skills training, and follows up with individual coaching and a personal strategic plan.

Leadership Development Institute

The Leadership Development Institute consists of many of the same elements as the Next Leader Now program and is an organization-specific approach to building your leadership bench. Solutions 21 works closely with your leadership team to customize the program to suit your objectives.

Developing World-Class Performers

Personal Leadership Profile

Prior to the kickoff, the participant completes an online assessment, which provides a customized report showing strengths and development areas.

Custom Competencies

You and your leadership team determine the key competencies your company values, and Solutions 21 customizes the program to the needs of your organization.

Personal Strategic Plan

Using your goals and your candidate’s personalized feedback, Solutions 21 uses its strategic plan framework to build an actionable, measurable plan of success.

Classroom Training

Four days of classroom training over the 15-month program teach and reinforce leadership principles and practices and encourage peer-to-peer dialogue.

Individualized Coaching

Each candidate has an experienced personal coach to monitor progress and guide action to ensure success.

363 Profile*

Feedback from managers, direct reports, peers, and others help develop specific strategies for improving leadership behaviors. *Optional