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Evolutionary leadership

In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly having to adapt, adjust, and redirect based on the speed and frequency that situations occur. Needless to say, evolution has introduced unchartered territory and unprecedented business challenges. And while there are...

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Daily habits: what is required is counterintuitive

I remember it like it was yesterday: I was in a classroom listening to my professor give a lecture on time management.  He stated, “Master your time or it will master you.” Fast forward 25+ years later. Time management, and my professor’s words, continue to be a part...

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The dangers of keeping pandas

Are you doing excellent work and delivering results in your job but not getting the recognition or opportunities you deserve? Maybe it’s a result of the "silver ceiling" – the demographic challenge of retirement-aged Baby Boomers staying in their roles longer than...

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Toxic takeover: how not to fail as a boss

A friend of mine recently had a new boss take over his company. When I say take over, I mean “take over.”  They came in on a rampage; cancelling major projects, berating employees, subverting leaders, criticizing employees behind their backs, etc. It was toxic and...

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Being a parent has exposed me to some of the most extreme moments of my life on both ends of the emotional spectrum. While I am still pretty new to the parenting “game” – our children are seven, four, four, and one – the past few years as a father of four has taught...

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Effective communication: the hardest thing we do

Throughout my adult life, I have given hundreds of presentations and sat through just as many. Some of the presentations I gave did not grab the audience’s attention, and some I’ve sat in bored from the second the presenter began reading the slides. I'm sure I'm not...

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Amazon is coming to town

Nashville recently received the exciting news that Amazon is bringing 5,000 new jobs to the Music City. This is great news, but in a city where unemployment is the lowest in the Southeastern United States, this may have some adverse effects. The famous Christmas...

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