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The name of the game

Every once and a while, the world of sports and business collide. This is one of those times. And as a retired NFL quarterback - and unbiased, third-party observer - I would be remiss not to discuss the latest power struggle between player and coach.  In this...

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The wrong question

As I travel across the country speaking with executives about leadership development, I encounter the same question in almost every meeting. The question: “What’s the ROI that we should count on when investing in developing future leaders?”  Valid question.  I,...

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Winning less

Rock-solid individual contributors win — a lot. Winning becomes their reputation, and you hear it in how others describe them. “They get things done.” “They figure things out.” “I can trust that, if I give it to them, I know it will get done.” For these individual...

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Executive coaching is effective: backed by research

Having a coach is not reserved solely for athletes. Just as a coach helps to guide a team on the field, ice, or court, a coach can assist professionals navigate workplace challenges. A concept that once was seen as negative has grown in popularity in recent years....

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