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Learning organizations

I have been privileged to be a part of some excellent “learning organizations” throughout my professional career. By learning organization, I’m referring to a group focused on a common vision or goal who are empowered to make decisions, innovate, and create without...

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Curse of the HiPo-potamus

It’s relatively early in your career and you’re working hard, showing the world what you can do. Maybe you’ve gotten a promotion or had a significant work success, or maybe you have just consistently exceeded the goals others have set for you. Somewhere along the...

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I’m not a mechanic

I like to tell myself I’m mechanically inclined. After all, my undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering, so I fancy myself a mechanic. But I’m not… This past year, my wife’s car needed new brakes. Having the mechanic mentality, I thought I would tackle the...

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I think I know

If you were king for a day, what would be the one change you would make to your organization? If you’re like most folks, you identified a people issue. Maybe you’d want your leaders to communicate more effectively, or you want more feedback from your boss, or you’d...

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Silence is the sound of thinking

Ever get a question in a situation you didn’t expect that catches you completely off guard? It happened to me this past week when a new acquaintance asked one of the more challenging questions about coaching. “How do you know your coaching is working?” I get that...

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Feedback: are you prepared to give it?

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate real-time, professional feedback. And as a leader, I’ve learned valuable feedback is critical when it comes to personal and professional development. By utilizing performance feedback, a leader positively influences the health...

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The name of the game

Every once and a while, the world of sports and business collide. This is one of those times. And as a retired NFL quarterback - and unbiased, third-party observer - I would be remiss not to discuss the latest power struggle between player and coach.  In this...

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