World-Class Performers get over losses quickly and use positive self-talk. They’re foundational skills that help them push through the hard times and hard work of their craft. Embedded in these two behaviors is the concept of celebration.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably made it through one of the most challenging stretches of your professional career. You’ve had to work hard, make tough decisions, and anticipate changes in your industry in ways that you never conceived before.

Celebrate your fortitude.

You’ve probably had to lead others through their fears, concerns, and anxieties, all while you’ve had to confront your own. You’ve had to work through frustration and exhaustion.

Celebrate your grit.

You’ve probably had to learn entirely new ways of working, some of which go against the habits and skills that you spent an entire career building. Beyond that, you’ve had to navigate new technologies and expectations from peers at all levels.

Celebrate your ability to adapt.

The wins aren’t going to look the same this year. Whether you’re leading a business that is just getting by or are working overtime to meet demand, the low hum of discomfort and instability is ever-present.

You’re doing great work. Celebrate the progress you’ve made, no matter how incremental. It’s this work that will power you forward into next year and for years to come.