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Today’s modern-day talent recruitment concerns

A few weeks ago, I spent several days working with an international company who is facing one of the most difficult challenges in today’s workforce: attracting suitable talent. And they’re not alone. In fact, almost three quarters (72.8%) of employers are having a...

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What soil are you cultivating?

As an avid reader, I’m always looking for stories to relate and align with my life, business ventures, and leadership. Some of my favorite writers, like Ken Blanchard, have a knack for writing in parables (a story used to teach a lesson) to impart a leadership...

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Amplifying productivity with stress

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us and increasing stress can build quickly, both at work and at home. Project deadlines, unresolved conflict at work, holiday travels, an unexpected visit from Cousin Eddie, or missing those who cannot be with us cause...

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90% of data

“90 percent of the data in the world has been created in the last two years.” That’s a quote from a new podcast episode I heard. You might have come across that data point, as well. It’s often mentioned to highlight the far-reaching implications of technology and...

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“That’s leadership, man.”

As our Director of Leadership Development, Tyler Palko, celebrates his six-year anniversary as part of the Solutions 21 team, this past week – Wednesday, November 13th to be exact – included an additional anniversary.  Fifteen years ago, as quarterback at...

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Hidden yardage

This past weekend, I was watching some football with some friends and family. Truth be told, I didn't actually watch the game.  Allow me to break it down.  Being involved in the innerworkings of the game of football since the age of three has created a...

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Leaders: are you a mechanic or gardener?

For those who lead teams, developing direct reports should be a top priority.  Read that sentence again. But how do you navigate development when your emerging leaders need a different, customized style of leadership applied to their learning and...

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