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Managing up

We launched our first Next Leader Now Conversation Series discussion last week, gathering a group of Next Leader Now candidates and alumni to discuss professional successes and challenges. It was an excellent opportunity to get feedback and have candid discussions...

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I attended a high school football game this past weekend. In fact, it was my father’s game. If you’re a subscriber to my blog, you know that my dad is the head coach at West Allegheny High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This year is his 24th and final season as...

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What’s the plan?

Throughout my adult life, I have been fortunate to mentor and coach business professionals who are leading teams and organizations and are ultimately responsible for their employees’ success. I have also mentored and coached youth football players who have relied on...

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Preparing for the silver tsunami

For those who have not heard of the phenomenon that is beginning to drastically alter the business landscape, allow me to briefly set the stage... Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, once said, “The only thing you can predict with absolute certainty is...

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I never knew you were my mentor

I suppose I’ve had mentors over the course of my professional career. Sometimes I knew it and sometimes I didn’t. On some occasions, my ignorance was due to appreciation – I was just glad to get a few pointers. On other occasions, my ignorance was founded – the advice...

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