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Timeless leadership

It has been awhile since I have lifted a pen to contribute to our blog. I recently read an article that has motivated me to offer a very real-world example of timeless leadership. It is not often something strikes me as powerful -- as this article has -- and as you...

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No easy way out

My all-time favorite movie series as a kid was Rocky. As is the case with all movie series, I had a favorite movie in the series. A “favorite” of my favorite, if you will. That movie was Rocky IV. Now, don’t get me wrong, the whole series was mesmerizing, but there is...

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Can’t see the forest for the trees

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. I was talking to a gentleman from the insurance industry as I boarded a recent flight to Pittsburgh. He was taking a trip to explore an opportunity to expand his business. As we began talking, he was telling me how...

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Let’s start with this idea: Simple things can make a huge difference. I was playing golf with a client of mine the other day and before we teed off we ran into a friend of his who had just finished up. Several minutes of small talk and catching up ensued. During a...

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C’mon man XI

Have you ever found yourself engaged in a conversation with a colleague prior to the Monday morning office meeting about yesterday’s game? Or maybe there was something on the news that struck a chord and they needed to vent? These Monday-morning quarterbacks or future...

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Let’s set the scene – I’m a three-year old toddler playing catch with my dad in a dusty backyard in southwest Texas. My dad, hopeful from the start that I would develop into a reasonably talented athlete, was helping to train me for sure future football glory. In the...

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Building better bosses II

One of the most important core principles of Solutions 21 is Building Better Bosses. In today’s workforce, the word “boss” is an unmentionable, and at times provocative, noun. It continues to have a negative connotation. Our Founder & President at Solutions 21,...

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Recipe for greatness

Ever since I began consistently writing blogs over two years ago, I have received an overwhelming amount of feedback. Largely in part, I believe, because of my topic selection and self-reflection of my time spent as an athlete. Full disclosure: My motivation for...

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Next Leader Now Spotlight: Pete Hanes

30-year-old Pete Hanes is a member of the business development team at Aeroform, a custom manufacturer of urethane foam and fiberglass parts and components. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Aeroform’s products can be found in many niche markets such as sporting...

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