Result: Warning Signs

Your approach might not get you the results you want.
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Proceed with Caution

You might be experiencing some business issues that you’ve never seen before. Maybe your team isn’t performing like it used to with results that match that performance. Signs of challenge – like turnover or a lack of engagement – might be starting to become more evident.

Is this a temporary blip or a larger trend? Is it worth exploring alternate paths?

What Our Research Says

Before working with us, Solutions 21 clients that scored in this range were experiencing*:

  • Conflicting direction at different levels of the organization
  • Stalled initiatives
  • Inconsistent and unpredictable progress
  • Good intentions clashing with entrenched factions
  • Scapegoating “communication” as a reason for challenges
  • Issues with finding qualified talent

*If this hasn’t been your experience, perhaps you didn’t give yourself enough credit as you were answering the questions. You’re welcome to try again.

Your Best Next Steps

What’s at Risk

Primary risk: Brain Drain

Organizations like yours tend to start to see an increase in turnover, usually concentrated among newer employees. Perhaps you’ve heard (or said) statements like, “as soon as we train them and they get any good, they leave.” You might also be hearing (or thinking) that it’s the employee’s fault for being frustrated or leaving.

Our experience shows that people leave people, not organizations. Is there a logjam preventing movement within your organization? Are a few people holding all of the knowledge and decision making? We recommend doing a deep dive into how your organization sees its workforce and their role in your ability to be successful.

Secondary risk: Customer Turnover

With those changes, you might see impacts on your customers. Are your customers speaking to someone different every time they interact with your organization? Do they still trust you to deliver? When we encounter this in organizations, we ask:

  • Are you missing sales goals or not replacing your customers as quickly as before?
  • Is there more and more work being put into hiring and training new employees?
  • Have you been actively developing your talent or taking a wait-and-see approach?

Prevailing Mindset: ‘Hopeful Frustration’

“You’re never ready; it just becomes your turn.”
~ Ty Murray

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