Result: Significant Risk

Your approach is unlikely to be sustainable.
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Corrections Might Be Necessary

You might be feeling like your organization simply isn’t able to perform like it used to. Frustration might be setting in, not just for you, but your entire team. Are you retaining your best people? Do those who work in your organization seem to be engaged? Are your business results – in relationships and bottom-line dollars – more challenged than before?

In our 5-Day Next Leader Boot Camp, we deliver you some of the best work and ideas we’ve given to clients who have had similar challenges. With the right efforts, you can implement the same techniques and, more importantly, get better results.

What Our Research Says

Before working with us, Solutions 21 clients that scored in this range once experienced*:

  • The loss of tenured incumbents
  • Depleted knowledge capital
  • Silos
  • Conflicting priorities and warring factions
  • A toxic rumor mill
  • Poor reviews on
  • Unfilled job vacancies

*If this hasn’t been your experience, perhaps you didn’t give yourself enough credit as you were answering the questions. You’re welcome try again.

Your Best Next Steps

What’s at Risk

Primary risk: Survival

If you haven’t seen them already, organizations like yours are at significant risk for developing critical business issues in the short term. Employees tend to feel directionless and unimportant, leading to disengagement, lower productivity, and a net-negative impact on customers. We strongly recommend that you convene your leadership team for a strategy session and dig deep to determine what is getting in your way before it’s too late.

Secondary risk: Reputation and Turnover

Our experience with organizations like this has shown that the costs that are borne by this type of culture can be unsustainable. Customers get frustrated with the lack of performance and employees feel like they’re set up to fail. The best people in these organizations tend to leave, and remaining employees stagnate. When we encounter this in organizations, we ask:

  • What efforts is the company undertaking to ensure that employees are prepared for their roles both now and in the future?
  • Has the company developed a long-term strategy, or are leadership efforts solely focused on short-term firefighting?
  • Are competitors eating your lunch in the competition for customers and talent?

Prevailing Mindset: ‘Confusion’

History and experience tell us that moral progress comes not in comfortable and complacent times, but out of trial and confusion.
~ Gerald R. Ford

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