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Excellent Work

You’re doing a great job preparing your next leaders to develop the key skills needed to be executive-level decision makers. Our research and experience working with organizations around the world tells us that you are in a very rare class of organizations. Well done!

Would you be willing to be a case study? With a constant focus on research, we want to get to know the best of the best to see how they work. If so, email us at and we’ll be in touch.

What Our Research Says

Solutions 21 clients who score similarly to you also experience*:

  • Strong financial performance
  • An overload of innovative ideas with people standing in line for a chance to execute
  • Ad hoc teams that spontaneously form around pressing issues and deliver rapid resolution
  • A compelling employer brand that consistently produces qualified applicant backlogs

*If this hasn’t been your experience, perhaps your competitive nature may have gotten the best of you as you were answering the questions. You’re welcome to try again if so.

Your Best Next Steps

What’s at Risk

Primary risk: Sustainability

What you’re doing takes a Herculean effort and constant focus. Keeping the organization aligned to development is difficult to maintain over the long term. We recommend looking at where your efforts are creating inefficiencies or organizational stress that might not be able to be maintained.

Secondary risk: Complacency

It can be easy to get comfortable when you’ve achieved what you have in your organization. Without constant vigilance, you can find that the market for talent has changed without you even knowing. Be sure to continuously review what you’re doing to rid yourself of ineffective efforts while incorporating more effective solutions.

Recommended Mindset: ‘Appropriate Paranoia’

“Every business is six months and three bad decisions away from bankruptcy.”
~ Jerry Detter