How Ready is Your Talent?

10,000 Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce daily. Are your next leaders ready?

1. Leadership is a natural trait, rather than a learned skill.

2. When we invest in leadership training, we see immediate and permanent improvement in performance.

3. Teams in our organization consistently get the results they set out to achieve.

4. We actively identify high-potential employees in our organization.

5. Our leaders regularly devote two hours a week to the development of each of our high-potential employees.

6. It takes decades to develop the ability to make decisions like an executive.

7. If someone gets one or two “nuggets” out of a typical training session, it is a worthwhile investment.

8. Our organization can always hire the talent we need.

9. If our senior leaders were to leave the organization tomorrow, there is enough well-developed talent to step in and make strategic decisions in their place.

10. We tout our investments in talent when recruiting new employees.