How 'ready' are your (insert appropriate euphemism here; emerging leaders, pre-suites, hi-pos...) to tackle your organization's toughest challenges or even take the helm? You can find out in 3 minutes; that's how long it takes to answer 10 questions that test your mettle against high-performing talent magnets. Honesty counts and wishing it were so is not a strategy here. So, take a deep breath and, as Jim Collins might recommend, face the brutal facts!

1) Do your 'rising stars' know how to find information they need and know what to do with it?
2) Do your 'rising stars' provide actionable solutions to challenges they independently uncover?
3) Do your 'rising stars' own, leverage, and build their personal and professional strengths?
4) Do your 'rising stars' readily volunteer for difficult, high-profile projects?
5) Do your 'rising stars' willingly do whatever it takes to get the job done?
6) Do your 'rising stars' view failure as a learning opportunity?
7) Do your 'rising stars' deliver on commitments?
8) Do your 'rising stars' demonstrate flexibility to collaborate on a team, work independently, and lead others?
9) Do your 'rising stars' accept full responsibility for results and outcomes?
10) Do your 'rising stars' actively engage in developing their own replacement?

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