McKenna Arras

Content Development Specialist

McKenna Arras

About McKenna

McKenna Arras is the Content Development Specialist for Solutions 21. Previously, McKenna specialized in educating military leaders on the acquisition of performance psychology techniques and their application to individual tasks and unit operations. With extensive experience working with the military and with high performers, she is dedicated to improving the performance and success of individuals and teams.

McKenna provides the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to serve as a foundation for her success. Through the many challenges that she has faced, McKenna has been able to master the craft of engaging with, listening to, and winning the trust of clients.

Specifically with Solutions 21, McKenna helps develop clients through diverse learning modalities using her unique background in performance psychology to bring a humanistic approach to leadership development.

McKenna is a graduate of Texas Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Performance Psychology. She also earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio