Ed Varhola

Certified Coach

Ed Varhola

About Ed

Ed Varhola is a valued member of the Solutions 21 team. He combines his nearly thirty years of business experience with practical solutions and provides applicable and immediate results to help Solutions 21 clients reach expanded goals. Throughout his career, Ed has led initiatives across the globe, from the United States, to Europe, Asia, and Latin America. His wealth of global experience is invaluable to his ability to connect with clients and use cultural knowledge to be most effective.

Through his work at Solutions 21, Ed has become a trusted resource for each of his coaching candidates. His genuine approach gains buy-in and warrants success since he whole-heartedly commits to his client’s development. Ed does so by ensuring their application of concepts and tools, helping them achieve their goals, and understanding their impact to their respective organization. He takes pride in the accomplishments of others.

Ed has experience designing, developing, and facilitating training programs for clientele from global organizations, to Fortune 100 companies, to family-owned businesses. He has a strong background in diverse industries, ranging from telecommunications, insurance, and the non-profit sector. Ed is also a graduate-level faculty member at several universities in the Kansas City area and a certified online instructor. Programs that he has introduced have stood the test of time and are still in use after many years of successful implementation.

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Ed also has a Masters of Organization Management from the University of Phoenix.