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Director of Consulting Services

luis rivera

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Luis is a 27-year pioneer of developing the next generation of leaders and teams. His passion for leadership and team-building has been at the core of his responsibilities. His executive coaching experience spans the banking, insurance, government, tobacco, and construction industries.

Luis has served in various senior leadership positions from first-line supervisor to mid-level manager to senior executive, where it was critical to foster team cohesion, lead remote teams, and retain top talent.

Luis’ ability to communicate with executive leaders across a myriad of industries reflects his ability to forge elite leadership at every level. He thrives in seeking to understand a client’s greatest challenge and develop a joint plan that fits their needs and drives business success.

Utilizing his areas of expertise in coaching, leadership development, and change management, Luis has helped organizations create compelling visions, build alignment, and restructure effectively through sustained periods of success and uncertainty. In partnering with his clients, Luis seeks to develop solutions that forge elite leadership at every level and drive business success.

Luis is a practitioner of leading remote teams and uses his experiences to coach leaders on how to “lead from anywhere” and ensure their teams are engaged and motivated to hit their goals.

Luis is a graduate of West Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science in computer information systems. He holds a master’s degree in human relations from the University of Oklahoma and will complete his International Coaching Federation (ICF) Credentialing Spring 2022.

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