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Rob O’Donnell is Solutions 21’s managing director of consulting services. Prior to joining Solutions 21, he was the vice president of organizational development at large logistics conglomerate and has worked in management positions since 1978. Throughout his career, Rob has participated in five startups, held senior leadership positions with small private firms and Fortune 500 companies, and tackled responsibilities in operations, sales, administration, and the executive suite. Rob’s experience spans industries as diverse as construction and retail, transportation and telecom, and union and nonunion environments from California to New Jersey.

Rob is pragmatic and direct. He earned his knowledge base from a combination of formal education — a bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in HR and organizational leadership from Thomas Edison State College — and hands-on leadership experience. He is a gifted speaker and talented facilitator with a strong track record of helping disparate factions collaborate. Rob is adept at aligning people with strategy and has helped define strategic direction, designed leadership development platforms, created sustainable human resources infrastructure, and built and implemented succession plans in public, private, and nonprofit environments.

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