Jose Enrique “QuiQue” Melendez

Leadership Consultant

Jose Enrique Melendez

About QuiQue

Enrique Melendez has over 25 years of executive-level professional and military experience. With a history in exceptional visionary leadership, problem solving, and multi- million dollar budget management, QuiQue has developed and led leaders in business and military organizations in combat. His impressive background supports his commitment to effective leadership and quality service.

pecially educated by the military in combat operations, QuiQue was chosen to coordinate and manage different echelons of military organizations and multi-million dollar resources across the globe. Previously responsible for the daily operations of global teams, QuiQue has years of experience with effective leadership in high-stakes settings.

He is well trained in cross-organizational communication at all levels of a team. He established, coordinated, and maintained organizational policies, programs, and systems at some of the highest levels in the military to ensure compliance and standard operating procedures in addition to his instrumental roles in both combat and executive positions.

A decorated U.S. Army combat veteran, QuiQue is a graduate of Webster University with an MBA in business management and from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. He also holds a BS in statistics from the University of Florida.

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