Mike Maloney

Leadership Consultant

About Mike

Mike Maloney brings more than 20 years of leadership experience to the Solutions 21 team. A recently retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Mike served within the Special Operations community leading and commanding organizations in combat throughout his career. He is humbled to have served alongside some of the most talented special operators in our military.

Serving in exceptional organizations has provided Mike the opportunity to learn, grow, and lead surrounded by experienced mentors and talented practitioners. He learned that at the core of every successful project, program, or initiative is a strong organizational culture founded upon bringing together the right people and empowering them to explore and create opportunity. Mike served in the 82nd Airborne Division, the 75th Ranger Regiment, and the 7th Special Forces Group.

He culminated his career with the privilege to command within a Special Mission Unit comprised of uniquely screened and selected individuals who had previously demonstrated success operating in high- stress, ambiguous, and dangerous environments. In this role, he was responsible for resourcing and conducting sensitive activities and clandestine operations throughout the world.

Mike continues to grow academically and is currently working on a research project focused on the contemporary and emerging global security environment and the United States’ return to the great power competition space. This projects builds upon his Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies from the National Defense University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Truman State University.


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