Albert Ciuksza

Vice President of Leadership Development

albert ciuksza

About Albert

Albert addresses challenges in organizations that vary in sizes, sectors, and industries to make a meaningful and lasting impact, with innovation as a common thread throughout his career. 

As vice president of leadership development at Solutions 21, Albert leads the creation, enhancement, and rollout of products and solutions for clients, including Next Leader Now, a program designed for high-potential succession candidates. Additionally, he leads the coaching, facilitation, and implementation of client deliverables worldwide.

Albert leverages his previous experience as a startup co-founder and executive — he built and led teams, managed product development lifecycles, secured patents on his inventions, raised startup capital, and launched commercialization efforts domestically and globally. 

In previous roles supporting small businesses in nonprofit economic development, Albert served as the director of the Pittsburgh Impact Initiative for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, the economic development organization for the 10-county Pittsburgh region. He also worked in technology-based economic development as the manager of water innovations for Idea Foundry, a startup accelerator, in conjunction with the Water Economy Network. In both roles, Albert worked directly with senior leaders and innovators to connect their companies with resources and business opportunities and coached them on strategies and approaches to yield success.

Beyond his role at Solutions 21, he brings valuable expertise to other organizations, both private and nonprofit. He currently serves on the board of Eyenavision Inc. as a co-founder and shareholder. Further, he serves on the board of Bona Fide Bellevue, a community development corporation. He is also a founding committee member of Club 66, a program of the Mario Lemieux Foundation focused on developing giving habits among Millennial-aged professionals. Pittsburgh Magazine recognized his impact in the region, naming him one of Pittsburgh’s 40 Under 40 in 2020 for his professional and philanthropic efforts.

Albert is a graduate of St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and earned his MBA at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. He resides in Bellevue, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Mallory, and two dogs.

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