Laurie Bowers

Director of Business Management and Senior Leadership Consultant

Laurie Bowers

About Laurie

For over 30 years, Laurie has had the opportunity to work within unique, diverse, and cutting-edge businesses at all levels of the organization.

Laurie previously worked as the SVP of Organizational Development for a worldwide market leader. She provided building solutions to complex construction companies specializing in the Caribbean, North America, and the Asia Pacific regions.

As a Technology Product Manager, Laurie worked for one of the world’s largest money management firms servicing institutional and high-net-worth asset management.

As a senior leader and manager in both industries, Laurie has implemented, developed, and managed successful HR and business strategies. She has been exposed to and solved the many challenges that come with working with regional and global workforces. In her previous positions, she’s specialized in workforce optimization, labor relations, talent management and employee engagement, compensation, benefits, mobilization and demobilization, and global recruitment.

With Solutions 21, Laurie develops and implements progressive talent management systems, including Coop/Intern programs, Manager-Leader, and Leadership Enhancement programs.

Laurie is a PXT Select TM Certified Professional with the capabilities to implement a People Strategy to engage the workforce and create the right teams with the right people.

Offering assistance with technology and people strategy integration solutions, Laurie helps companies utilize technology and analytics to understand knowledge or technology gaps to streamline work and increase learning while working to reduce OH costs. Additionally, she works with business leaders to understand business goals and implement performance reviews and measures to help team members be successful.

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