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We build, shape, and prepare you and your organization to compete in a modern marketplace and preserve your business legacy.

Are your next leaders ready to call the shots?

10,000 experienced Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce every day, increasing the need to fast-forward the wisdom of talented succession candidates. How ready are your next leaders?

Game-changing results with people who thrive on real-world challenges.

Build Better Bosses

Leadership and management aren’t either-or. We build leaders that get things done and drive your organization’s competitiveness.

Shape Strategies

Action without a plan is directionless. Our strategic planning process grows organizations even amid economic challenges.

Prepare People

Nothing can be built without tools. We equip your entire team – inside and outside the organization – to things get done.

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Latest from the Solutions 21 Blog

CEO equals CLO

CEO equals CLO

In any business, from startup to Fortune 500, the CEO is the only individual who is peerless. (Of course, I am dismissing the rare exception when co-CEOs exist.) Overwhelmingly, a CEO has no equal within the organization. If we accept the challenge that our best...

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Your leadership brand superpower

Your leadership brand superpower

In the 1980s and 1990s, people joined organizations, not people. Folks joined organizations and did not dig deeply into whom they worked for and what they would be working on. In the 20th century, “name brand” companies like IBM and Xerox had an advantage by having...

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