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We build, shape, and prepare you and your organization to compete in a modern marketplace and preserve your business legacy.

Are your next leaders ready to call the shots?

10,000 experienced Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce every day, increasing the need to fast-forward the wisdom of talented succession candidates. How ready are your next leaders?

Game-changing results with people who thrive on real-world challenges.

Build Better Bosses

Leadership and management aren’t either-or. We build leaders that get things done and drive your organization’s competitiveness.

Shape Strategies

Action without a plan is directionless. Our strategic planning process grows organizations even amid economic challenges.

Prepare People

Nothing can be built without tools. We equip your entire team – inside and outside the organization – to things get done.

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Latest from the Solutions 21 Blog

The airborne spider

Spiders are some of the most courageous paratroopers in the world. As a paratrooper in the Army most of my career, 63 of my best friends and I would routinely jump out of planes, rapidly assemble in the dead of night, and move on to do the Nation’s bidding. I remember...

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Slaying dragons

Have you ever set out on a conquest to solve a huge problem your organization faces, certain that you have a solution nailed? You gain buy-in from your team and, with confidence in your analysis, the organization commits time and resources to solve the problem. Things...

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The shaded view

We are all victims of our experience - be that positive or negative. For the 6% of our Nation that are Veterans, November 11th takes on a unique meaning for each of us. This past weekend, I spent Veterans Day with several friends discussing the realities of what it...

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