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Helping organizations address the primary issues facing today's market - Attracting, Developing, and Retaining talent.

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Experience the Difference: Clients Share Their Journey With Our Next Leader Now Program and Solutions 21 – Watch Now!

Our Leadership Development Program – Next Leader Now at Solutions 21

Our Next Leader Now program allows us to work with organizations to build the next generation of your elite leadership team. Covering a variety of topics essential to leadership development this program incorporates the latest research in leadership, business, and social sciences.

We take talent that has already demonstrated a high level of potential and help build the muscle memory it takes to become an effective leader able to make executive-level decisions, boost team performance, and cultivate a strong legacy for your business.

Offering a customizable, research-based approach we’ve designed this program to be flexible, allowing us to meet individual employees where they’re at and provide the support they need.

Experience the Difference:
Clients Share Their Journey With Our Leadership Development Program and Solutions 21 – Watch Now!

What makes us different?

Our Core Areas of Expertise Include:

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Our Proven Next Leader Now Program

We leverage a data-backed leadership development initiative and coaching to condition your emerging leaders to prepare for tomorrow.

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Our Highly Educated Practitioners

There is no silver bullet to solve every organizational challenge, but our bench of great leaders has navigated ambiguity in environments reserved for only the most elite performers.

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Our Unique,
Sustained Process

Our engagements are not ‘check the box’ or ‘one and done’. We “walk the walk” alongside our clients as partners over time and continually reinforce their development to insure it sticks

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Our Impact

Discover real stories of transformation and success from those who’ve partnered with us. Hear firsthand accounts of how our expertise has elevated businesses and careers.

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Our Books

Buddy Hobart is the founder and president of Solutions 21. He is a consultant, entrepreneur, author, speaker, radio host, and internationally recognized pioneer in leadership in a multi-generational workforce. Read about his work here:

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Knowledge Leadership

Knowledge and insights from the desk of our great leaders to yours. Check out our latest in leadership ability, retention, talent acquisition, succession planning, organizational development, employee engagement, and everything in between.

From The Desk of Program Participants

Solutions 21 has worked with us for over two decades. In that time, we have increased our revenue, developed countless people to help with our explosive growth, and set up a board to ensure we continue to deal with the challenges that every business goes through. Without Solutions 21 realistic approach, we could not have achieved the success that we have today.

Jeff Wangler
President, Aires

Build Your Leaders. Build Your Legacy. Start Here.

Our team has decades of leadership experience, research, and data to back up our methods: We’ve led teams, started and grown companies, suffered entrepreneurial failures, and built the credibility and experience to make your organization more successful in tangible ways.