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We build, shape, and prepare you and your organization to compete in a modern marketplace and preserve your business legacy.

Are your next leaders ready to call the shots?

10,000 experienced Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce every day, increasing the need to fast-forward the wisdom of talented succession candidates. How ready are your next leaders?

Game-changing results with people who thrive on real-world challenges.

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Leadership and management aren’t either-or. We build leaders that get things done and drive your organization’s competitiveness.

Shape Strategies

Action without a plan is directionless. Our strategic planning process grows organizations even amid economic challenges.

Prepare People

Nothing can be built without tools. We equip your entire team – inside and outside the organization – to things get done.

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Latest from the Solutions 21 Blog

Drilling it

Yelling. Chaos. Barking orders. It’s how Hollywood portrays military life. This view of the professionals I served with for over 27 years is skewed. Flavored by the extremes of opinion. I think I have seen every war movie made since the 1940s, and they are nothing...

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Leadership scotoma

While discussing our Next Leader Now program with our President at Solutions 21, Buddy Hobart, I was introduced to a new word that has since expanded my vocabulary. The word: Scotoma. Simply defined, the word scotoma refers to a blind spot. Something we all have, no...

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Breaking the cycle

There is a vicious cycle that organizations in today’s 21st-century workforce can’t seem to break. Executives ask us, “How do we retain young high performers?” Only to defend their current strategy by stating, “We are putting them through programs and giving them what...

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